MY DESIGN VISION To create a functional environment with individualistic twists. Each and every person is unique and my vision is to compliment those distinctive, quirky, and fun things about each person in my designs.

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dar um tempo no namoro cristão My name is Holly Jimenez, founder and CEO of Designed by Holly, and I live to create. I was born and raised in Utah but have the spirit of a Californian with the class of a New Yorker. As far back as I can remember I’ve had an eye and passion for all things design, this lead to earning a degree in Interior Design. I’ve had the opportunity to work in varied design roles, from I gained the knowledge and experience to create my own business. A fortunate stroke of serendipity occurred and Designed by Holly was born.


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heartworm prevention for dogs ivermectin Sign up for a free discovery call! We would love to chat or meet you, talk about your family, vision and hobbies. And how those fit into your unique, everyday life.